Membership of RSW

Quite often, exhibitors will ask the question: ‘How do I become a member of the RSW?’

The answer is fairly straightforward inasmuch as being a regular exhibitor and supporter of the Society is a good start.

Regular exhibiting non-members whose works become noticed by existing members of the RSW may be asked to be proposed for membership. It is important that any nomination for membership is supported by two existing RSW members and that they, with the nominee, all agree to the name being put forward.

Nominations for membership must be with the Secretary by 30 September in the year of nomination.

Candidates for membership then submit framed works in a watercolour / water based medium to the RSW Annual General Assembly (which usually takes place in either Glasgow or Edinburgh) in November.

During this meeting elections are held and, as from 2012, candidates will receive the result of their nomination on the day of the Election.