Each year at the annual Exhibition the RSW offers encouragement to artists of all ages, both young and established, with its list of generous financial awards.

These awards reflect a commitment by the Society to promote and encourage member and non-member artists working in waterbased media.


139th Open Annual Exhibition 2019/20


The W. Gordon Smith and Mrs Jay Gordonsmith Award       £4,000 (£2000 each artist)

Ann Ross RSW ‘Hedgerow Visitor’ Cat No 23

Gregor Smith RSW ‘St John’s Head, Hoy’ Cat No 76



The Walter Scott Award         £2,000 and purchase of the winning work

Simon Laurie RSW ‘Ice Cap’ Cat No 146



Alexander Graham Munro Travel Award £3,000 to an artist under 30yrs

Chloe Colquhoun ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’ Cat No 130



Eat and Drink Italy Purchase Award

Michael Clark RSW PAI ‘Waiter, Paris, October’ Cat No 74



The Alison Prosser Award   £500

Anne Skinner ‘Winter Mist’ Cat No 20


John Busby Award   £500

George Gilbert RSW ‘The Drying Green’ Cat No 4


RSW Council Award   £500

Donald Paterson RSW ‘Blues, Wester Ross, Winter’ Cat No 145



House for an Art Lover   Exhibition in Art Lover’s Café Gallery and £500

Isla Valentine Wade ‘My Passion is Dead’ Cat No 193



Scottish Artists’ Benevolent Association   £300

Christopher Brook ‘Storm Vessel’ Cat No 205



RSW New Graduate Award     £300

Atticus Tayar ‘Birch Trees, in Winter’ Cat No 212


The Turcan Connell Award   £250

Jean Hill ‘Winter Fog in the Den’ Cat No 102



Sir William Gillies Award   £250

Ian Kinnear RSW ‘Spring Planting’ Cat No 107



May Marshall Brown Award   £250

Gillian Melville ‘These are a few of my favourite things’ Cat No 29


John Gray Award £200

Carol Dewart RSW PAI ‘The Good Seed on the Land’ Cat No 51



Two RSW Watermark Awards £50 each

Jenny Handley ‘Little Bouquet’ Cat No 44

Louise Day ‘Flow 2’ Cat No 154



The Scottish Arts Club Award   Solo Exhibition and 2 years membership

Sylvia Von Hartmann RSW ‘There it is, ready for Paradise’ Cat No 28



Dumfries House Residences Award

Liz Myhill RSW

Jackie Stevenson RSW