Anthea Gage RSW

Fascinated by the colour and life that I see in the world around me, I am also inspired by poems and songs to try to explore a more imaginative view of this world that is conjured up by their words. I greatly enjoy the process of developing imagery and discovering different ways of expressing an idea or a narrative, and playing with the structures, in the imagined and the real. Some of these paintings can reflect aspects of childhood or life experiences, and can have significant connections to the poems or songs they are inspired by.

And now, living by the sea, the huge changes in light and colour that occur a thousand times a day outside the window, are slowly appearing in my paintings. But as always colour, composition, memories and fun are all important to me. As my favourite poet says;

“And, if you have not been enchanted by this adventure – your life – what would do for you?”

Mary Oliver, To Begin With the Sweet Grass