Jean B Martin RSW

My work is inspired by new and re-visited places which I find creatively invigorating. Colour, light, architecture, landscape , culture and history all serve to stimulate an imaginative and interpretive response to my experience.

Working in my studio surrounded by the components of my subject which  often include plant form and textiles, I construct my paintings from life, from recorded images and from drawings done on location. I work with watercolour and play the translucence of that medium against other  media including acrylics, powder pigments and gold leaf. I work by building  up the paint and scraping back to reveal previous layers and glimpses of colour.

As my paintings take time to create, so they may also take time to reveal their story. The component parts can have a significance which may be of an allegorical, historical or personal nature.

I hope the final work will convey something of my love of the subject and the intensity which has engrossed me during the painting’s creation