Gordon K Mitchell RSA RSW RGI



Born in 1952 and studied at Edinburgh College of Art.

After a successful career teaching, he became a full-time painter in 1989.

The winner of countless awards and prizes, he was elected to the RSW in1997, the RGI and the RSA in 1998.


UK Solo Exhibitions:

Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow x 10

Portland Gallery, London x 6

Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh x 6

Albemarle Gallery, London x 3

Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh x 4

Royal Scottish Academy, Festival Exhibition x 1


Paintings in a great many public and private collections throughout the world.


Mitchell’s style and subject matter stretch back to the world of the surrealists, focusing predominantly on a dialogue between the real and the surreal. His whimsical and illusory creations often depict a traditional choice of subject matter such as the female nude or a still life composition. These conventional objects are placed in imaginary situations and the viewer is introduced to an array of unexpected juxtapositions.


It is this unusual approach that enables Mitchell’s paintings to transcend the barriers of the familiar and the customary. Thanks to his exceptional skill as a draughtsman and meticulous painterly talent, his canvases seem to mirror a photographic vision. Yet it is the unusual friction between traditional form and the world of the imagination which gives Mitchell’s work this commendable degree of fascination and intrigue.


Portland Gallery