Ann Wegmüller RSW RWS

The subjects of my paintings are the land around me, the land beside the sea and the weather conditions upon them.
Living in rural Perthshire can be very pleasant in the summer but I realise I am always looking forward to the winter landscape preferable with snow. I usually spend my time in this season, walking and looking, sometimes drawing in all weathers. The atmosphere and colour changes created by the weather conditions are very important to me.
I take home from these walks various images which I work on in my studio. The winter colours are so subtle and delicate.
Having grown up beside the sea the summer paintings are about the shore edge, sunshine and the excitement of going there. Here the vibrant colours of the seaside, the heat of the sand and rocks make for a totally different atmosphere and a change of palette.
Much as I love the translucence of watercolour, I find I work better with the impasto of gouache and the depth of colour that can be obtained with it.