If your name is listed your work has been selected for display at the RSW 137th Open Annual Exhibition 2018. 5th February 8th March. Please contact the Secretary to pay your hanging fee of 20 per work. rswsecretary@robbferguson.co.uk.

If your name is not listed then you have been unsuccessful and are required to collect your work on Sunday 4th February 10.30 -12midday (please note shorter than advertised time), due to the large number of works submitted this year we have scheduled a second hand-back on Friday 2nd February 10.30 2pm. Work MUST BE collected on that day as we have no storage at the RSA. Work not collected will be removed. Please contact the secretary by e-mail to acknowledge.


Those artists with one work hung and one not must still collect their unselected work before Midday 4th February.

A Tennant Krakabus
Aileen Paton BA (Hons) Berber Village, Atlas Mountains
Aine Divine RSW Helena in Blue
Alan Robb RSA MA(RCA) RSW Ex Voto's Blue
Alasdair Wallace BA (Hons) Settlement Study 3
Alastair Mack BA (Hons) Alcudia
Alastair Mack BA (Hons) Av. Brasilia, Lisbon - I
Alfons B Jasinski RSW Landscape Near Bilbao
Alfons B. Jasinski RSW Red Rudder
Alfons B. Jasinski RSW Spanish Landscape
Alice Campbell BA (Hons) Le Fumeur
Alice Campbell BA (Hons) First Blush
Alice McMurrough PAI RSW RGI Comfort in Obscurity
Alison Dunlop RSW Flux 6
Alison Gray BA (Hons) Lost Land
Amelia Busk BA (Hons) Martin
Amelia Busk BA (Hons) Anthea
Anda Paterson RSW RGI PAI The Catch
Anda Paterson RSW RGI PAI Portuguese Bus Stop
Angus McEwan RWS RGI RSW Picket Fence At Essouaria
Angus McEwan RWS RGI RSW Locked & Loaded II
Ann Ross RSW Una Cartolina
Ann Ross RSW Italian Gardens
Ann Ross RSW Bird on Viburnum
Ann Wegmuller BA (Hons) RSW RWS Into the Rockpool
Ann Wegmuller RSW RWS Rock Pool
Ann Wegmuller RSW RWS Winter Garden
Anna Mickevica BA (Hons) Nude 7
Anne Skinner Autumn Landscape
Annie Mulvey BA (Hons) Study of Marmion II
Anthea Gage RSW The Last Tooth of Time
Anthea Gage RSW DMoon
Bruce Shaw Aladdins Buttress
Carol Dewart PAI RSW Argyll Hillside
Caroline Bailey RSW Winter Hillside
Caroline Bailey RSW First Snow, Carbost
Catherine Davison RSW Oxgangs Winter Garden
Catherine Sargeant BA (Hons) Bsc MisSspelt Art - Erasure CS3
Catriona Mann MA LLB RSW Morningside Fish Gutters
Catriona Mann MA LLB RSW Bonnard's Cat
Charles MacQueen RSW RGI Fire Fly Night Montisi
Charles MacQueen RSW RGI Church Interior, Venice
Charlie Campbell-Gray BA Harvesters (After Bruegel)
Chris Brook Settlement III
Chris Bushe RSW Ground Frost, Upper Deeside
Christine Woodside RSW RGI Benarty
Christine Woodside RSW RGI Winter Doves , Fife
Clare Pountney Middle Ground
Davd E. Johnston RSW Late Summer Thistledown
David E Johnston RSW Thistledown and Thunder
David E. Johnston RSW A Winter Field Edge, The Mearns
David Evans ARCA RSA RSW Window
David Evans ARCA RSA RSW Two Blush Pears
David Forster RSW Here too She Found Shelter from the Storm (Fabriano, Italy)
David Forster RSW And the Sunbeams Began to Dance on it (Burnmouth)
David Henderson MBA RSW Gathering Clouds
David Nealon The Botanist's Gifts
David Sinclair RSW Landscape
David Sinclair RSW Flower Study
David Sinclair RSW Plums in Line
David Smith RSW Trawlers
Dawson Murray RSW ARE RGI Early Morning Mist
Derek Robertson RSW Chairmen of the Observatory
Derek Robertson RSW Field Studies of Kingfisher
Diana Hope Simon's bird and the bag from Pushkar
Diana Hope Meconopsis
Donald M Paterson RSW Quiet Street, Dordogne
Donald M. Paterson RSW Day Shift on the Ferry
Donald M. Paterson RSW Trawling
Douglas Davies RSW Frozen in Time
Douglas Davies RSW Rumbling Burn
Emma S Davis RSW PAI Always There
Emma S Davis RSW PAI Poppies & Patterns at Dusk
Evelyn White Banksia and Noisy Minah
Evelyn White Parrots
Fiona Macintyre RSW After the Storm
Fiona Macintyre RSW Winter in the Wee Bay
Gail Murray RSW PAI The Last of the Honkas
George B Johnston RSW Vignes Sous La Nege
George B. Johnston RSW Papi Parmi Ses Vignes; janvier
George Donald RSA RSW Make Believe
George Donald RSA RSW Perchance to Dream
George Gilbert RSW Winter Garden (Crail)
George Gilbert RSW Studio Shelf
Gregor Smith RSW St John's Head, Hoy
Gregor Smith RSW Scapa Flow
Hannah Mooney BA (Hons) Looking Towards the Ferry House, Evening
Hazel Nagl RSW RGI PAI Kilbarchan Huts
Helga Chart RSW RWS Wagtail
Helga Chart RSW RWS Alameda in Spring
HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay Loch Stack, Sutherland
HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay Abandoned Croft on the Isle of Stroma
Hugh T Rowson RSW Hellenic Archway
Hugh T. Rowson RSW Beyond the Slipway
Ian Cook RI RSW Emma
Ian Cook RI RSW Sorceress
Ian Ritchie BA (Hons) Devil's Elbow Glenshee
Ian Ritchie BA (Hons) Nova Scotia Emigration Ship
Iona AE Montgomery RSW Moment in Time
Jacqueline Orr RSW RGI PAI Urbana
James Cosgrove PAI RSW RGI Man of Science
James Cosgrove PAI RSW RGI The Drawing Lesson
James Fraser RSW I - We - Us
James Fraser RSW Squares & Stares
James Fraser RSW Your Always in My Corner
James H Fairgrieve RSW Glass Cloth Mango
James H Fairgrieve RSW Mango Altar
James H Fairgrieve RSW 'Spooning' Peppers
James S Davis RSW PAI FRSA Morning Moon Otter Ferry
James S Davis RSW PAI FRSA Riverbank
Janet Melrose RSW Enclosure
Janet Melrose RSW House at the Edge of the Wood
Jean B Martin RSW Indian Memories
Jean B. Martin RSW Fragment of San Marco
Jennifer Irvine RGI RSW The Fruit Seller, Mentoni
Jennifer Irvine RGI RSW Evening Shadows, Mentoni
Jennifer Irvine RSW RGI Le Marche Menton
Jim Dunbar PRSW RWS RGI Sandra
John C. Brown RSW Reflections
John Forgan The Fishing Boat
John Forgan The Harbour
John Kingsley PAI RSW Night Crane
John Kingsley PAI RSW Vessel and Bowl
June Carey RSW RGI PAI Girl with a Tea Pot
June Carey RSW RGI PAI Catching Stardust
Karen Clulow BA (Hons) MA Sea Urchin Quills
Ken le Riche House + Hole
Kenneth Wilson BA (Hons) Hangar
Liz Murray RSW Pages from the Plant-Collectors Notebook II
Liz Murray RSW Pages from the Plant-Collectors Notebook
Liz Myhill RSW Midday, Havana
Lynda Wilson B. Arch (Hons) Pistoia
Lynn McGregor RSW Shore Composition 2
Maragaret S. Rhind RSW A Masia in Catalonia
Marian Leven RSA RSW Rippling Landward
Marian Leven RSA RSW Loch Broom
Marian Leven RSA RSW Drifting Calm
Marj Bond RSW RGI Anna Makkerig Night
Marj Bond RSW RGI Veradura Cuba II
Marj Bond RSW RGI Blue Madonna
Mark Robertson Jings (The Bruce)
Mark Robertson Crivvens (Rabbie)
Marlene Lochhead BA (Hons) The Autistic Boy
Michael Clark PAI RSW The Golfers
Michael Clark PAI RSW Via Fillungo, Lucca
Michael Durning PPAI PAI RSW River Gods of the Damnonii
Michelle Duke Bait and Bleed
Miriam Vickers BA (Hons) Rackwick Bay, Isle of Hoy
Moira Ferrier RSW December Roses
Moira Ferrier RSW City Garden at Sundown
Moira Ferrier RSW Field Study, Autumn
Morag A Stevenson End of Winter
Morag Muir Luvinlucca
Neil Macdonald PAI RGI RSW Cellardyke
Neil MacPherson RSW The Encore from Ministers and Men of the Far North
Pat Semple RSW Weather Change, South Uist
Paul Murray RSW PAI Boston in the Fall
Paul Murray RSW PAI Marina View
Peter Bourne RSW Hill Walker
Peter Bourne RSW Hill Climb
Peter J Quinn Pizza and Kebab, London
R.D. Murray RGI RSW PAI Winter Strait
Rhona Fairgrieve BA (Hons) Goodness
Rhona Kirkpatrick Rocky Shore
Rhona Kirkpatrick Safe Haven
Ronald F.Smith RSWRGI PAI Desert, First Light
Ruth Stiven Heart A Glowing
Ruth Thomas BA Towards Fife
Shona Dougall BA (Hons) Winter Sun
Silvana McLean RSW Luminescence
Silvana McLean RSW Memories of the Fjord
Silvana McLean RSW The Archaeology of Snow - Lunar Month
Simon Laurie RSW RGI Blue Cup
Stanley James Bird Loyaulte Me Lie
Stanley James Bird Meditation
Stephanie Dees RSW New Town in Winter
Stephen Ratomski Three Shapes in a Winter Space
Susan Macintosh BA (Hons) Beneath the Flow
Sylvia Von Hartmann RSW Toad Writes a Letter
Tom Sutton-Smith Sunhaze Pink

The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour
137th Open Annual Exhibition

The Lower Galleries
The Royal Scottish Academy

Daily 10am - 5pm, Sun 12 - 5pm

Admission Free

5th February 8th March 2018

Enclosed Janet Melrose RSW

Artist Demonstrations & Events

Sat 10 February 11am - 1pm
Portrait artist Aine Devine RSW will demonstrate her technique by focusing on how she paints an eye.

Words on Watercolour Thurs 1 March 2018
5.15pm 6.30pm
Writers from the group Words on Canvas will read poetry and prose inspired by different paintings in the exhibition.

Full events programme will be available online soon.