Exhibition Schedules

Forthcoming exhibition

Coming soon: 140th Exhibition February 2021. on-line.


The 139th RSW Open Annual Exhibition 30th December 2019 – 30th January 2020, Lower Galleries, RSA, Edinburgh

Exhibition has now closed.

Hanging Fee of £20 must be paid by end of exhibition, contact the Administrator for details.


Please read this list carefully, it numbers 234 works.

Elise V. Allan Hymn from Summer
Sheila Anderson-Hardy On the Verge
Laura Antebi Loch Voil
Caroline Bailey RSW Camasunary Bothy
Caroline Bailey RSW Boats At Portnalong, Isle of Skye
Caroline Bailey RSW Stornoway Harbour
Caroline Bailey RSW From the Beach, Armadale
Reinhard Behrens RSW RGI The Dark Blue Sea (After Melville)
Kate Bentley The Arrangement
Michael J Bergin RSW Seabird Table
Michael J Bergin RSW Tree Cloud
Stanley James Bird Il Gardellino
Allan Black Clearing Mist
Marj Bond RSW RGI Bird Bride With Gold
Marj Bond RSW RGI Mary Queen of Scots
Peter Bourne RSW Seclusion
Peter Bourne RSW Parasol
Patricia Bray From Sea to Shore
Christopher Brook Storm Vessel
John C. Brown RSW Gladioli
John C Brown RSW Balcony – Centro Habana
Chris Bushe RSW Winter Sun, Cromar
June Carey RSW RGI PAI The Temptress
June Carey RSW RGI PAI Yours for the Taking
Helga Chart RSW Night Shore
Helga Chart RSW The Wagtail On Peat
Helga Chart RSW Aviary
Michael G Clark RSW PAI Mostly Bordeaux
Michael G Clark RSW PAI Waiter, Paris, October
Chloe Colqhoun Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Ian Cook RSW RI Firebird
Ian Cook RSW RI Baboon
Jane Cornwell Moonlit Trees
James Cosgrove RSW RGI PAI Matinee Idols
James Cosgrove RSW RGI PAI Taking a Longer View
Douglas Davies RSW Above the Loch
Douglas Davies RSW Honesty
Emma S Davis RSW PAI Gratitude
Emma S Davis RSW PAI Thistles Isle of Skye
James S Davis RSW PAI Ardnamurchan Sunset
James S Davis RSW PAI FRSA Clyde Shipbuilder
Louise Day Flow 2
Carol Dewart  PAI RSW All Things Have Their Season
Carol Dewart RSW PAI The Good Seed on the Land
Fee Dickson Headland
Aine Divine RSW Leoni
Aine Divine RSW Pete
Áine Divine RSW Lake
Áine Divine RSW James
George Donald RSW Cerulean Warbler
George Donald RSW The Far Shore
Ken Donaldson Running Interference
Dod Dow Squares Sequence Yellow Base
Liz Dulley Quiet Room
Jim Dunbar PRSW RWS RGI Squall
Alison Dunlop RSW Snow Song, Inner Sound #5
Alison Dunlop RSW Eilean 2
Cath Dunn Stone Circle (Arbor Low)
Michael Durning RSW PPAI PAI Breton Church
Michael Durning RSW PPAI PAI Munchen
Rhona Fairgrieve Parrot Park
Moira Ferrier RSW Weeds, Seed, Thistles and Sun
Moira Ferrier RSW Black Sheep in the Snow
Denise Findlay Milo
Gwen Fleming Peat Bogs and Coastal Heath
John Forgan Mouth of the Harbour
David Forster RSW Grenoble, 1994
David Forster RSW From the Social Structure of Agriculture, Carianne, France
Val Fraser Follow Your Dreams
Valerie Fraser RSW Beach Pony
James Fraser RSW Chaffinch & Cherries
Valerie Fraser RSW Hot Day – Guedemina, Spain
James Fraser RSW Wee Scottie, Big Tottie
Anthea Gage RSW Every Wave
Anthea Gage RSW A Vision of The Clyde
Jennie Gear Slumped
George Gibert RSW The Drying Green
George Gilbert RSW Garden Study
Peter Graham St James’s Square, London
Leonard Gray RSW Strachan
Jenny Handley Little Bouquets
Claire Harkess RSW Urban Fox
Claire Harkess RSW Supermarket Starlings
Claire Harkess RSW Mute Swan II
Claire Harkess RSW Mute Swan I
Claire Harrigan RSW Cottage Window
Kate Henderson Edinburgh Study iii
David Henderson RSW Coastal Route
Jean C. Hill Winter Fog in The Den
Jade Hill Arcadian
Diana Hope RSW Blue Waters
Diana Hope RSW North
Kate Hunter Sunday in Fraserburgh
Jennifer Irvine RSW RGI Shaded Terrace, Mont Mirail
Jennifer Irvine RSW RGI Vacqueyras Village Vaucluse
Jennifer Irvine RSW RGI Boucherie Provence
Jennifer Irvine RSW RGI Fruit et Legumes
Jackie Isard Faded Protea Neriifolia ‘Snowcrest’
Michelle Ives Towards Downpatrick Head
Alf Jasinski RSW Vineyards near Bilbao
Alf Jasinski RSW Spanish Landscape
Alf Jasinski RSW Colorado Indian Signs
Alf Jasinski RSW Forgotten Boats
George B Johnston RSW Gypsy Woman Feeding Birds
David E. Johnston RSW Winter Sun, Johnshaven
David E. Johnston RSW Winter Moon, Johnshaven
George B Johnston RSW Le Marche
Arthur Ker Morning on Sui Fea, Hoy
John Kingsely RSW PAI Genesis
John Kingsley RSW PAI Nocturn
Ian Kinnear RSW Spring Planting
Ian Kinnear RSW Flight North
Simon Laurie RSW RGI Ice Cap
Rosalind Lawless Fold
Marian Leven RSW RSA Coastal Enigma study 2
Kirsty Lorenz Votive Offerings – White
Neil Macdonald RSW RGI PAI Skaill Bay
Neil Macdonald RSW RGI PAI The Way of The Pilgrim
Neil Macdonald RSW RGI PAI Abandoned Cottage, Quoyloo, Orkney
Susan Macintosh Potential
Fiona Macintyre RSW Big Winter Tide
Ian MacLeod Kinga
Charles MacQueen RSW RGI Evening Marrakech
Charles MacQueen RSW RGI Summer Bazaar
Agota Magyar The Prefab People
Catriona Mann RSW Shanghai Cranes
Catriona Mann RSW Memoralis
Jean Martin RSW Table of Many Treasures
Jean Martin RSW Freedom’s Song
Jenny Matthews Behind the Kitchen
Malize McBride Torrisdale Bay
Angus McEwan RSW RGI RWS AWI Hole in my Bucket
Angus McEwan RSW RGI RWS AWI Layered Padlock
Angus McEwan RSW RGI RWS AWI Beating Heart of China
Robert McGilvray Dark Tide
Mhairi McGregor  RSW San Lazzaro Degli Armeni, Venice
Lynn McGregor  RSW Across the Water
Mhairi McGregor  RSW Canale di San Marco, Venice
Alice McMurrough PAI RGI RSW Narcissa And The River Nyx
Alice McMurrough PAI RGI RSW O Mistress Mine
Alice McMurrough RSW RGI PAI The Dolls House
Janet Melrose RSW Shoreline, Iona
Janet Melrose RSW Pick Up Sticks
Janet Melrose RSW Kite Scape
Janet Melrose RSW Air Mass
Gillian E. Melville These are a few of my favourite things
Joanna Migut Eighty-Eight
Iona A E Montgomery RSW Daedalus’s Dream
Iona A E Montgomery RSW Monte Bolca Memory
Morag Muir RSW Eastern Kingbird
Morag Muir RSW East Coast Angel
Tom Murdoch RSW Walkies
Dawson Murray ARE RSW RGI Summer Weir
Liz Murray RSW Rowan Hoop
Gail Murray RSW PAI Midnight Studio
Paul Murray RSW PAI Window Display With Yellow Chair
Paul Murray RSW PAI Catching Winter Light
R.D. Murray RSW RGI PAI December Shore
Liz Myhill RSW The Goldsmith’s Wife
Liz Myhill RSW Ganga Mai
Liz Myhill RSW Lagoon
Hazel Nagl RSW RGI PAI The Tenement House
Hazel Nagl RSW RGI PAI The Weaver’s Loom Shop
David Nealon RSW The Onset of Winter
Ruth Nicol Leith Docks and Scottish Government I
Jude Nixon Infinity
Nancy Osborne White Tulips
Sheila Page Benchmarks
Wendy Page Bolt From the Blue
Sarah Elizabeth Parker Bus
Julie Parker Hide and Seek
Donald M Paterson RSW Blues, Wester Ross Winter
Donald M Paterson RSW Western Sands Uist
Anda Paterson RSW RGI PAI Geese of Ferrogudo
Anda Paterson RSW RGI PAI Yawning Dog
Sheena F. Phillips All Change
Peter Quinn Crete, Herb Stall
Clare Rennie What Was Lost
Margaret S Rhind RSW Lingering Frost, River Tay
Margaret Rhind RSW Early Frost
Margaret Rhind RSW Hazy Morning
Ian Ritchie  RSW Suitcase of Dreams
Alan Robb RSW RSA Anghiari, Tuscany, No.2
Mark Robertson A Northern Face
Derek Robertson RSW Bird Studies in Dystopia
Derek Robertson RSW Day Trip to Syria
Derek Robertson RSW I Call The Rain – Wryneck
Jenny Ross I Should Have Followed
Ann Ross RSW Rus in Urbe
Ann Ross RSW Hedgerow Visitor
Anne Ross RSW Hedgerow
Hugh T. Rowson RSW Putney Barges
Hugh T. Rowson RSW The Moon and Stars
Jonathan Sainsbury Hares and Corncrakes
Catherine Sargeant Badininal 3
Glen Scouller RSW RGI Algarve Fishing Boats, Armacao De Pera
Una B Shanks RSW Flowers, Leaves and Berries
Una B Shanks RSW Apples and Pears
Albie Sinclair Lisa Thinking
Lorna Sinclair The Golden Hour
Anne Skinner Winter Mist
Gregor Smith RSW St Johns Head, Hoy
Gregor Smith RSW Spearhead, Caithness
David Smith RSW Old Harbour Macduff
David Smith RSW Drying Nets, Fife
David Smith RSW Mackerel and Pear
David Smith RSW Drying The Nets, Skye
Ronald F. Smith RSW RGI PAI Flowers in a Large Vase
Laura Speirs Remembering
Nectarios Stamatopoulos The Visitor
Nicole Stevenson Mountain Light, Farindola
Jackie Stevenson RSW Field Boundaries
Jackie Stevenson RSW Winter Tangle of Weeds
Graeme Swanson Haven
Atticus Tayar Birch Trees in Winter
Ruth Thomas RSW Turbulence
Ruth Thomas RSW Ebb Tide
Zuzana Ullmannova Soul in a Jar
Isla Valentine Wade My Passion is Dead
Miriam Vickers Roif, Uig, Isle of Lewis
Sylvia Von Hartmann RSW There is it, Ready for Paradise
Sylia Von Hartmann RSW Painted in November
Alasdair Wallace Planetarium
Ann Wegmuller RSW Winter Walk
Ann Wegmuller RSW The Gray Sea
Kenneth Wilson Wild Fuji Nights
Lynda Wilson Light and Power
Susan Winton Land to Sea
Christopher Wood RSW There and Back
Christopher Wood RSW Where Have You Been?
Christine Woodside RSW RGI Sunlit Alley
Christine Woodside RSW RGI Newburgh Walk