Wilson, Helen F RGI

Elected to RSW 1997

Generally speaking, most of my inspiration comes from my immediate environment - the people and places I encounter every day. I enjoy using various media to explore the possibilities which present themselves, and in terms of water-based media, I tend to opt for the more forgiving nature of gouache, as opposed to pure watercolour.


I studied at Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 1975 and have lived and worked in Glasgow ever since. I have one daughter, (whose career choice has been a major influence on my work!)


Walter Scott Purchase Prize - RGI 2011
Alexander Graham Munro Award - RSW 2007
1st Prize, Scottish Drawing Competition 2005
David Cargill Award - RGI 2005
Regional Prize, Discerning Eye Exhibition, Mall Galleries London 2003

Selected Exhibitions

2012 - Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh 'A Portrait of Scottish Opera'
2010 - Thompson's, Marylebone London
2009 - Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
2007 - Thompson's, Marylebone, London
2007 - Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh 'A Pie, A Pointe and a Portrait'
2007 - Mansfield Park Gallery, Glasgow
2005 - Roger Billcliffe Gallery Fine Art Glasgow 'A Portrait of Scottish Ballet'
1994 - Roger Billcliffe Gallery Fine Art Glasgow
1993 - Ancrum Gallery, Roxburghshire
1989 - Paisley Art Gallery

Public Collections

Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow
Paisley Museum and Art Gallery
Scottish Arts Council
Glasgow School of Art
Garrick Club, London
Bank of Scotland
Arthur Andersen
Royal Collecge of Physicians and Surgeons
Royal College of Opthamologists
Biggart Baillie

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