Paterson, Donald M

Elected to RSW 1986

Artists Statement

My work is landscape-based and has always had its roots in Skye and N.W.Highlands. This is ever more prominent since I now live part-time on the island.
I like to achieve a sense of mystery, contrast or contradiction in my interpretation of a dramatic climate and environment. My recent work has a strong textural relief element using a more physical application of gonache and acrylic on watercolour washes.
I like also to work directly from nature using the immediacy of watercolour, pen & ink. A more observational outcome often results.
Ideas often appear out on my bike. Bike addict!


Graduated GSA Drawing and Painting under Donaldson, Squire, Cunningham 1973.
Full-time Art and Design and Guidance teacher in Renfrewshire 1974 - 2007.
Part-time Design and Screen Printing business until 2012
Regular exhibitor at RSA, RGI, SSA, RSW.
During 70's, 80's and early 90's full time teaching demands curtailed later submission to those societies, apart from RSW


1985 - Highland Society of London Award, RSA

Selected Exhibitions

Mixed Shows at:- Cyril Gerber, Glasgow
Compass Gallery, Glasgow
Tolquhon Gallery, Aberdeenshire
John Green Gallery, Glasgow
Paisley Art Institute Exhibition, Collins Gallery, Glasgow

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