Murray, Robt D RGI

Elected to RSW 1980

Artists Statement

My painting is a visual statement. The discussion of theories, meanings or subject matter in a painting is of no particular significance or interest to me; it is not what, for me, painting is about - the image is the 'thing'.


Graduated Glasgow School of Art - 1968 DIP: 1969 Post DIP
1981 BA Hons - Elected Artist Member SSA 1986: RGI
2012 - Regular Exhibitor RGI; RSW; SSA
VAS; PAI from 1969 -


1984 - J Murray Thomson Award RSA
1985 - E.I.S. Award RSA
2003 - Alex Graham Munro Award RSW
2011 - G.A.C. Award RSW
2012 - A.H. Award PAI

Selected Exhibitions

Royal Academy, London
Bankside Gallery, London
Artspace, San Francisco
Glasgow Artists, Nuremberg
Lynne Stern Gallery, London
Third Eye Centre, Glasgow
Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh
Fine Art Society, London
City Art Centre, Edinburgh
Art Fairs, New York, Los Angeles, London

Public Collections

The Fleming Collection
The Educational Institute of Scotland Collection
Strathclyde Educational Authority
Renfrewshire Educational Authority

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