Martin, Jean B

Elected to RSW 2003

Artists Statement

I work with watercolour and mixed media, layering and building up the surface of the painting, then scraping back, allowing the watercolour to reveal itself, giving glimpses of past colours and past marks. I keep working in this way until I achieve the surface and vibrancy that I am seeking.
When dealing with still life, I often seek the association of objects in my paintings. The subject matter may be linked symbolically, historically, geographically or through personal experience. The association may not be immediately obvious, but can disclose itself as the content of the painting is considered.


Studied Glasgow School of Art
Hospitalfield Scholarship
Aberdeen College of Education
Community teaching, part-time Drawing and painting at Dundee College and lives in Tayport, Fife.


Anne Redpath Award
International Artist Award
Hutchison Drawing Prize
Harry Vaughan Award
John and Mabel Craig Beques

Selected Exhibitions

2007 Frames Gallery, Perth - solo
2005 Queens Gallery, Dundee - solo
2005 Flying Colours Gallery, Edinburgh - solo
2002 Queens Gallery, Dundee - solo
2001 Gatehouse Gallery, Glasgow - solo
1997 Gatehouse Gallery, Glasgow - solo
1994 Flying Colours Gallery, Edinburgh - solo
1991 Flying Colours Gallery, Edinburgh - solo
1989 Flying Colours Gallery, Edinburgh - solov 1986 Gallery Quin, St Andrews - solo

Public Collections

McManus Gallery, Dundee

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