McKendrick, Tom RGI

Elected to RSW 1985

Artists Statement

Growing up in this small but vibrant industrial town has had a marked influence on my work. The roots of my paintings and sculptures originate from visions of industrial Clydeside. The need to 'make' interests my creative energies and my fascination in the interaction between man, ideas and materials result in large multimedia shows. My exhibitions can be decsribed as 'layered', allowing the viewer to explore deeply the many facets that are merged into the subject matter. The drive to create a single holistic visual impact domainates my exhibitions and the use of theatrical effects are employed to enhance and bind together the varied components and intensify the aesthetic atmosphere. Primarily, I am a painter whose work is identified by its rich surface texture.


Left school at the age of 15 to 'serve his time' as an Apprentice Loftsman in John Brown's Shipyard. Left at the demise of the industry to attend Glasgow School of Art. Has taught and created in parallel over the last thirty years.


1986 - Inverclyde Biennial Prize
1985 - Mayfest Compass Prize
1981 - Glasgow Herald Prize
          - Moray McKissock Prize
1979 - Nairn 79 Prize
1977 - RGI David Cargill Award
          - RGI Torrance Memorial Award

Selected Exhibitions

1996 - Collins Gallery
1993 - Lillie Art Gallery
1991 - Aberdeen Art Gallery
          - Dundee Museum
          - Edinburgh Festival
1987 - McLaurin Art Gallery
          - Dundee Art Gallery
          - Kirkcaldy Art Gallery
1986 - Lillie Art Gallery
1985 - McLean Museum

Public Collections

Nairn District Council
George Outram
Scottish Arts Council
McLaurin Contemporary Collection
Arthur Andersen
McLean Museum and Art Gallery
Lillie Art Gallery
Royal Air Force Museum
Clydebank District Council
Motherwell District Council
West Dumbarton Council
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
Lilou University, Sweden
Strathclyde University
Aberdeen Art Gallery
Dundee Art Gallery
Private Collections in Britain, Germany,
Holland, Sweden, France and America

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