Johnston, George B

Elected to RSW 1977

Artists Statement

My work is inspired by the visual elements that surround me in Scotland and France. Townscape, landscape and seascape all interest me and I like to re-use what I see to tell stories about my surroundings rather than merely record them.


1951-1956 - Graduated mainly at Bathgate Academy and Edinburgh College of Art
1956-1958 - Army Officer
1958-1963 - School Teacher
1963-1966 - Head of Art, Falkirk College of Technology
1966-1991 - Advisor in Art & Design, Dundee City Council and Tayside Region

Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibition - Dundee, Dunblane, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Paris and St Andrews
Group Shows - Kirkcaldy, Dundee, St Andrews, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Oxford

Public Collections

Glasgow City Council
Edinburgh City Council
Dundee Art Gallery, McManus Gallery
Dundee College of Further Education
Dundee University
Maclay Murray & Spens
Strathclyde Region

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