Dunlop, Alison

Elected to RSW 1989

Artists Statement

'This "Inner Sound" series of watercolours, begun in 2009 at my new studio looking out to the Hebrides, is my attempt to find an equivalent in paint for the experience of looking out beyond my studio windows to the seas of the Inner Sound and the Minch.
In all of these recent watercolours, with this new reality of sea and sky through my windows, the images are becoming more and more abstract, more pared-down, re-defined and it seems, paradoxically, more REAL.
The process of pressing forward with this series, not knowing what the next piece will bring, where it will take me, has taken on an energy of its own. Each piece seems to grow out of the previous one(s), to teach the eye and the hand something new and to give a renewed sense of boldness and vigour. To let the hand, the pigment, the paper and the water act in unison, giving form to my inner experience of the drama unfolding
beyond my window....
In some cases, the hand, paper, pigment and water grapple with each other and the result can be surprisingly and excitingly reflective of this drama and of the struggle to create.'


1980 - Studied in Canada, France and Britain obtaining a BA(Honours) 1982 - Came to Scotland to undertake post graduate studies at Edinburgh College of Art and has made Scotland her home.
As well as being an active Member of the RSW, was elected President of Visual Arts Scotland (formerly Scottish Artists and Artist Craftsmen from 1997 to 1999. Oils and watercolours are exhibited regularly throughout the UK.


2007 - John Gray Award, RSW
Twice - Elizabeth T Greenshields Foundation Scholarship
1997 - Alexander Graham Munro Award, RSW

Selected Exhibitions

Randolph Gallery, Edinburgh
Panter and Hall, London
Thompson's Gallery, Aldeburgh
Stenton Gallery
Bruton Gallery
Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow
Henshelwood Gallery, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Public Collections

The Royal Bank of Scotland
Dickson-Minto, WS
Davidson Chalmers, WS

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