Dickson, James Marshall

Elected to RSW 1972

Artists Statement

I grew up in the west of Fife where everywhere was the sight, sound, colour and texture of industry. This had a strong visual impact on me and in adult years I have come back to this imagery. I work in waterbased media but using rollers and a large variety of textural media to give the surfaces my work requires.


Educated at Beath High School, left 1960 and graduated Edinburgh College of Art in 1964. Full-time teacher in secondary school 1965 - 1978. Was painting and exhibiting during this period and have continued to work in visual arts exhibiting in many venues, groups and solo throughout Britain.

Selected Exhibitions

RSW, Edinburgh
British Watercolour Exhibition, Ilkley
Kirkcaldy Art Gallery
Loomshop Gallery
Eden Court Theatre
Crawford Art Centre
Perth Art Gallery
Howden Park Centre
Atholl Gallery, Dunkeld
Byre Theatre, St Andrews
Frames Gallery, Perth
Portmork Arts Festival
Jerdian Gallery, Crail
McManus Gallery, Dundee

Public Collections

Fife Arts
Aberdeen County
Banff County
Angus County
Tayside Region
Leeds Education Services
Kirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery
Dunfermline Museum
Numerous Private Collections in UK and USA

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