Cook, Ian RI

Elected to RSW 1978

Artists Statement

Symbolism and amuletic references pertinent to indigenous societies in South and Central America form the core of much of my work. Although I still pay homage to the public's predilection for figurative works, my pursuit of deep-rooted spiritual sources is more intense.


1969 - 72 Glasgow School of Art.
72' Hutcheson Drawing Prize: 72/73 Post-Graduate year: Taught in Glasgow schools: Worked in commercial decorative context for major hotel groups in 1980's - 1990's: Extended periods of research in the Americas: Works in oils, Goache, Mixed Media and sculpture


1974 Cargill Travelling Scholarship, Glasgow School of Art
1984 Arts Council Travel Bursary to Central Africa
2000 The RI Award, Mall Galleries, London
2005 Winsor & Newton Award for Outstanding Contribution to RI Exhibition

Selected Exhibitions

Promised Land - Glasgow Concert Hall
The Scottish Gallery: Eastern Works
The Scottish Gallery: Rural America
European Abstract Expressionism: Bonn
Galleria Goya: Obras Oscuras
Royal Academy, London
Discerning Eye, London
Sunday Times Watercolour - Annually since 2002
East West Gallery, London
Kaleidoscope Gallery, London

Public Collections

Trainload Freight
Glasgow School of Art

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